We have the necessary equipment to carry out physical and chemical tests in any kind of sample. Many times, different sectors such as mining, construction, chemical or food industry require test to know the properties of a material, either natural or artificial. Tests analysis available in the lab are listed below.

Sample preparation

  • Drying and pulverizing

  • Crushing, screening and splitting

  • Sample prepartion and metallographic polishing

 Mechanical characterization

  • Bond rod and ball mill grindability tests

  • Bond abrassion test

  • Bond impact test

  • SAG tests


  • Sedimentation test

  • Flotation test

  • Gravimetric and size separation

  • Single compression test

 Caracterització mineralògica

  • Petrographic microscope analysis

  • EDS scanning microscope

  • Liberation and mineral association

  • Grain size distribution